Trademark Application
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I.  The following documents should be submitted when applying for the registration of a trademark or service mark:
    ①5 pieces of trademark drafts, of which the design should be clear, and both the length and width should be between 5cm and 10cm. If the colors are specified, 5 pieces of colored drafts and a piece of black and white draft should be prepared.
    ②A copy of the business license of the applicant (for a unit) or a copy of ID (for natural person)
    ③If the trademark to be registered adopts personal portrait, a duly notarized declaration of the portraiture right holder should be attached, showing his/her agreement on making the portrait a registered trademark.   
II. Other documents that should be submitted for applying for the registration of a certification mark:
    ①Detailed explanations should be attached, expounding the professional technicians and testing equipment that the applicant, or the institution entrusted by the applicant possesses, so as to make it clear that they do possess the competence in supervising the quality of the commodities certified by the certification mark.
    ②If taking geographical indications to register the certification mark, the following contents should be included in the application documents:
    --The specified quality, credit or other features of the commodity that the indication indicates;
    --The relationship between the specified quality, credit or other features of the commodity and the natural and human elements that the realm indicated by the geographical indication holds;
    --The range of the realm indicated by the geographical indication;
    ③Regulations on the Use and Management of Certification Mark.   
III.     Other application documents that the application for the registry of collective trademark requires accords with the second and third points in applying for the registry of certification mark.  
IV.     Other application documents required in applying for Madrid International Registration of Marks:
    ①A copy of domestic Certificate of Trademark Registration or a copy of Notice of Acceptance;
    ②2 pieces of trademark drafts; and if the design is colored, 2 pieces of colored trademark drafts should be. 
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