Feature Services

        A well-qualified IP agency promises the application quality of a valuable patent, contributing to patent grant as well as the further patent exploitation, license, transfer and right protection. The applicant shall have a fully understanding of the agency’s qualification, charge standard, business volume, proportion of each type of patent, and scope of service, then entrust the suitable agency by comparison. Followings are our service features carrying a brief introduction to our firm:
        1. High proportion of invention patent
        There are three types of patent in China at present, which are invention, utility model and design. Among them invention is of most value and given the most complex granting procedure. The quantity of invention case can always indicate a firm’s strength. Since its establishment, Huaxue has carried forward the service features, traditions and advantages of Patent Office of South China University of Technology, which is Huaxue’s former name. In recent years, Huaxue’s proportion of invention case has exceeded 50%, ranking the top among IP agencies in Guangdong Province.
        2. High rate of granting
        Huaxue’s business volume has been increasing year by year since its establishment. Especially in Year 2008, it had increased by 50% compared with that of Year 2007. Beyond that, Huaxue takes pride in its high rate of granting for the cases it handles. The rate of granting approaches to 100% for utility model and design, and exceeds 80% for invention patent with high complexity.
        3. High-end clients
        As the only one agency whose registered address is located within a university, Huaxue carries on the fine traditions Patent Office of South China University of Technology and mainly serves universities, colleges, and scientific research institutions and takes the responsibility of much of their difficult cases, among which are key state-funded science programme, national science foundation project, etc., covering the range of mechanical, electronic, communication, physical, chemical, medical, food and biological engineering. With these, Huaxue’s professional service for high-end clients has generated. In addition, Huaxue also serves companies, enterprises and public institutions (most are high-tech enterprises) and individuals, and won the public praise of “fast and efficient service”.
        4. Full service involving patent agency
        We provide the following services upon entrusting:
        (1) Analysis and evaluation on patentability before application, assisting client with patent application strategy;
        (2) Patent drafting, communicating with client about perfecting the patent drafting (door-to-door service if necessary), filing final draft through paper or electronic channel;
        (3) Assisting client with applying for grants before Patent Administrative Department after the patent is filed or granted;
        (4) Strictly monitoring annual fee after the patent is granted;
        (5) Assisting client with project proposal or accreditation, or high-tech enterprise accreditation;
        (6) Assisting client with patent (patent application) transfer, patent license recordal, etc.
        (7) Assisting client with patent administrative disposal, infringement action, etc.
        5. Intellectual property training
        Members of our firm successively take the following positions: Director of The All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA); Managing Director of Intellectual Property Research Association of Chinese Universities; Committee Member of Academic Committee of Chinese Universities; President, Managing Director and Secretary General of Intellectual Property Research Association of Guangdong Universities; Managing Director and Director of Guangdong Intellectual Property Research Association; Director of Guangzhou Intellectual Property Research Association; Director of Guangzhou Invention Association; Committee Member of Guangzhou Patent Expert Advisory Committee; Member of Guangzhou Intellectual Property Lecturers; etc. They had been the speakers on intellectual property on lectures held by Guangzhou Productivity Promotion Center, Guangzhou Tianhe District Science and Technology Bureau, Guangzhou Luogang District Science and Technology Bureau, Zengcheng Science and Technology Bureau and Foshan Nanhai Science and Technology Bureau, as well as offering well-planned training on intellectual property to universities, colleges, enterprises and public institutions, making a great contribution to raising the public’s awareness on intellectual property.